Today we will leave you with 5 physical activities that you can take into account when expanding your business and making it more versatile, you can offer these classes for all type of students who are interested in changing their routine.

In the world of wellness and fitness, there’s always an instructor that will have on his list, students that are looking to change their routine, lose weight, or simply feel good about themselves.

Depending on the profile and objective that your clients have and according to the skills and knowledge that your team has.

You can start teaching within your center different types of classes.


For those students that are looking to find a connection and at the same time feeling good inside and outside, complementing meditation with exercise, Yoga is a good option that you can recommend.

This is one of the most practiced disciplines around the world and probably you have already established it in your center, if not, you should start to contemplate the idea because the benefits are multiple and nowadays many students need this. 

Benefits of Yoga for your students :

  • They will Improve and increase flexibility.
  • They will improve their mindset and mood. 
  • Due to its main function being meditation, they will be able to concentrate on positive thoughts and energies.
  • They will maintain good health.

Benefits of Yoga for instructors like you

If you are a Yoga teacher you know that just like your students, you will learn something new every day. Also, throughout your career as a teacher, you will have the opportunity to meet many different people and expand your social circle.

You can do your classes outdoors, for sure your students will like to be in contact with nature, so they will concentrate more and the experience will be unique.

Now, if you have beginner students who think they need a good elasticity, let them know they are wrong, we know that they don’t have to be experts to get them to perform good postures, plus over time they will develop and improve flexibility 


If there are clients interested in toning up their bodies and improving their concentration, you can recommend pilates classes to them, you know they will find that and much more.

Benefits for your students at pilates classes :

  • They can heal their back pain and at the same time rehabilitate their spine.
  • They will have the possibility of improving their muscles thanks to the moves and postures you’ve prepared in the routine for them
  • They’ll be firmer in their bodies.

Tips for teaching your pilates classes :

  • Let your students know that concentration is key to connecting their body and mind.
  • Remind them to breathe deeply, you know that they will have the agility to perform more accurately the movements you have prepared in advance for them. 
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Who could you give pilates classes to?

You know that are specific exercises and movements that will effectively help women during and after pregnancy, this type of client can expand your market niche.

Now, if you want to work with older people, don’t hesitate, you can start trying classes with these students to get your income up.

Pilates helps you to rehabilitate people who have a physical disability or injury. It is likely that during the Pilates class they will need other materials or tools to complement the exercises.

Camila Acosta Bewe