Bewe's assistance and power in your custom App.

Receive reservations 24/7. Increase the recurrence of your customers. Use notifications so your customers never miss.

We customize your application with

• Your corporate colors.
• Real photographs of your business.
• General information about your services.
• Your professionals and their schedules.


Customers who download your App will receive:

• Appointment reminders.
• Offers, discount bonuses, and packs.
• Launch of new products.
• News of your business.
• Send notifications.
• Birthday congratulations and special dates.
• All messages that help you build loyalty.

Reservations 24/7

Now your customers can book with your App and receive notifications confirming the reservation they made; In addition, your custom application allows you to:
• Reduce absences.
• Monitor customer recurrence.
• Schedule appointments.
• Block hours when you cannot serve your customers.
• Organize your day.
• Among other things to manage your schedules.

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