Marketing Actions

Remind your customers that it is time for their next appointment with you. The marketing platform you are looking for to build customer loyalty is within Bewe.

Emails, SMS and Push Notifications

Communicate with your customers through attractive e-mails, SMS and notifications that help you:
• Remind them that they need you.
• Tell them why you are an expert in what you do.
• Book on slow days to keep your staff busy.
• Loyalty with promotions, offers, packs, among others.
 • Congratulate them on special days with special offers.

Always stay close to your customers

Get the attention of your customers so they come back more often and you can complete your schedule.
• Communicating new promotions.
• Disseminating launches of new services.
• Offering promotions by showing you as their ally.


Send instant alerts as soon as your customers book with you or when you schedule an appointment.

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