Management of Agendas

With BEWE you will have multidisciplinary agendas for each of your employees and resources, with daily, weekly or employee visualization. Its use is simple and intuitive, and appointments booked online go directly to your calendar. You can also create access and permissions for your employees to access the software.

Block Hours

Automatically block the hours so that no reservations are entered, such as at lunch time or a training morning. Also, in case any of your employees ask for a permit or do not go to work, it allows you to block your schedule to prevent a client from booking and you must cancel your appointment.


Write all the notes and reminders for your day. For example, if you have to buy products or have a meeting with employees. These comments can be viewed by all employees who have access to the platform.

Color Priority

Prioritize appointments with colors according to your needs; appointment charged, online booking, canceled by the client, according to employee and much more. That is, the color of the cells indicates if the appointment was charged, canceled, and to which employee it belongs, among others.

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